New for 2024

Arrington - New for 2024

A simplistic narrow shaker style, Arrington is suited to both classic & contemporary settings. Its natural ash grain combined with a subtle line detailing on the outer door frame adds richness to its design. 

Ellesmere - New for 2024

Ellesmere is an inframe effect, routered shaker door. Available in a primed or smooth matte painted finish. 

A timeless classic, Ellesmere offers style in abundance. Its subtle line detailing on the outer front of the door creates the illusion of a true inframe kitchen but with a more affordable price tag. Ellesmere’s superior smooth matte painted finish and wealth of accessories combines luxury and practicality to create a kitchen that’s perfect for everyday living and entertaining. 

Jacobsen - New for 2024

Truly traditional, Jacobsen's sophisticated inframe effect door features a classic raised centre panel. The profiled design is adorned by a natural ash grain and a line detailing the door's perimeter adding further opulence to the style.  


Featuring subtle line detailing around the perimeter of the solid timber door, Winslow creates the illusion of an authentic inframe kitchen without the fuss. 

Available in a wide variety of painted finishes or colour match for that desired shade, Winslow comes with a wealth of accessories meaning the design possibilities are endless. 

Classic In-frame kitchens

Traditional, Bespoke, Handcrafted, Fitted Furniture

Traditional In-frame door styles built on cabinets using the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. We design the detail of every component to ensure it matches your requirements exactly. 

Beautifully finished in any paint colour you desire help us to create a unique living space with an elegant style that is built to stand the test of time and trends.