When buying a kitchen from us you don't have to include appliances. It may be that you would rather buy them online or even keep your existing ones - we won't mind! The most important thing is that you let us know what you want so that we can make sure everything fits.

We offer very competitive prices on all our appliances when bought in conjunction with your kitchen. In many cases we deal directly with the appliance manufacturer or their UK appointed agents/distributors which allows us to offer very favourable prices and special offers such as extended warranties that may not otherwise be available. 

For the showroom we chose these brands for their quality, reliabilty and service:

ILVE Range Cookers

We are known for our unparalleled passion for cooking and creating revolutionary ILVE appliances. Handcrafted in Italy for over 50 years, ILVE offers beautiful cooking equipment with supreme features giving you the ultimate cooking experience at home. Every single one of our ILVE appliances is built with professional-grade materials that are designed to last.

Our range of appliances include; range cookers, built-in hobs, ovens and cooking systems.

When the hood becomes the star of the kitchen

There are over 100 Elica hood models, with countless combinations of materials and finishes. Every product is a result of meticulous design studies: this means that an Elica hood is capable of being the “star” in your kitchen, indulging your style. Be it with either minimal lines or bold personality, an Elica hood always tells something about you, your personal tastes, your kitchen and your home.

Freezers in the best energy efficiency classes

Liebherr freezers have impressive credentials: spacious design, optimal energy efficiency and outstanding user-friendliness. NoFrost technology means that defrosting a thing of the past. The transparent-fronted drawers allow a quick overview of the contents, and the drawers pull out effortlessly on smooth-running telescopic rails. 

Samsung ovens combine cutting-edge technology with elegant design features, making them a practical and stylish addition to your kitchen. With features like convection cooking and smart functionality, our ovens ensure even-heating and consistent cooking. You can even control and monitor your cooking remotely using the SmartThings app - simply look out for our smart models. Plus, with exceptional energy-efficiency ratings and generous warranty protection you can rest assured that a Samsung oven not only saves you money on utility bills but also provides peace of mind for the future.

Choosing a kitchen sink and mixer tap is one of the most important decisions when planning your new kitchen. Some people overlook this and get their kitchen plan wrong, and rue it every day thereafter. Thousands of times. Every day, for many years. We spend around 60% of our time in the kitchen at or near the sink. The sink is the top of the magic triangle of oven, sink and refrigerator.It’s not difficult. Simply plan the right sink and mixer tap to go in the right place. We know something about that. And we’re happy to offer you our help.What's more, we recommend washing dishes in the dishwasher. It’s more practical. It saves water and energy. Plus, no one really enjoys washing up. So the sink is the hub of your kitchen. 

An Obsession with Quality

If there is a single characteristic that defines Perrin & Rowe, it is our obsession with quality. We believe that the best way to achieve the highest possible standards is to manufacture in small batches, using skilled craftsman to cast and finish each component by hand.

All our brassware is cast at our foundry in the Black Country, the heartland of British heavy industry. After machining and polishing by hand, the taps are assembled, tested and packed at our headquarters in Rainham, on the edge of East London. Our sanitaryware is made at a specialist works in Tamworth, Staffordshire, a region of Britain renowned for ceramics.

Because we know that the only people more obsessed with quality than us are our customers.